Tuesday, 16 November 2010

More inspiration from Tripbase ... 100 of their favourite travel writers

Travel research website Tripbase who 'save users the hours, days or weeks that it takes to search for a perfect personalized vacation' recently listed 100 of their favourite travel writers.

Anyone who has already visited Tripbase knows that their simple search criteria [to Fly or Drive?; depart when?; for how long; how important are the following things? Nightlife, Dining, Shopping, Nature, Attractions] is great for directing internet-fatigued holiday-seekers straight to a top ranked hotel in a suitable mainstream destination. Useful information, such as the local climate and links to travel articles are offered too.

By circulating a list of their favourite travel writers, Tripbase have gone a step further in the supply of online travel inspiration: they've added passionate and knowledgeable voices to their travel machine.

The 100 writers from around the world are randomly numbered, rather than ranked, and include:

UK-based Jeremy Head jeremyhead.com whose Travelblather blog gives informative and entertaining reflections on travel writing today.

Record breaking ski journalist Arnie Wilson arniewilson.com

Toronto-based Lucy Izon canadacool.com

Journalist Alexis Grant alexisgrant.com who is backpacking solo through Africa.

Balkans expert Chris Deliso chrisdeliso.com

(Thank you Tripbase for including me at No.62)

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jheaduk said...

Hi Kelly
Thanks for the link and the name check. I'm a bit sceptical about what Tripbase are doing here. I think it was more about links than anything else. I got an email from them telling me I was on the list and suggesting I might like to link to it or tweet about it. So... stick 100 people on a list, tell them about it and hope that a good chunk of them will tell their followers and link to it and presto you have a stack of great quality links to your site around a topic area you want to rank well for in search engine results.
The 100 on that list were a very mixed bag. I asked how they ranked people (I think I was at no.9) and was told it was purely random. That too suggests the list was compiled without much real in depth research

Kelly Pipes said...

Hi Jeremy. Thanks for the insight. To be honest I featured this bit of 'news' because it brought a few bloggers to my attention that I hadn't heard of, and I always like to raise awareness on that front.

travel2bali said...

Great journey