Sunday, 30 March 2008

101 Weekends In Europe by Robin Barton

This travel blog is no travel bandwagon. The Sandwagon prefers to follow the potholed back roads over speedy autobahns, picking the less-traversed tracks over those obvious travel trends. From the back of the Sandwagon, wind in my hair, I'll always report on as diverse a range of travel-related stimuli as possible.

That said, I work full-time for a travel publisher and have 25 days annual leave to play with. Obviously I can't set off on a 60 day horse trek across Mongolia or dedicate months of my time to paddling the length of the River Amazon in a one-woman coracle. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to flee the office and explore the world that I write about far more thoroughly, but for the foreseeable it's simply not viable.

So, I'm sorry that I can't blog from Everest Base Camp this week but I can give you insider tip offs and reviews from the travel publishing industry. New Holland's latest offering, 101 Weekends in Europe is one for travellers who, like me, shoehorn their passion for travel in alongside their passion for the dream day job. An anthology of ideas for weekend breaks, Barton's book is perfect inspiration for anyone that's short on time but brimming with curiosity for different places and lifestyles. This weekend Wenceslas Square, next Naples... April to Amsterdam, then Madrid in May. That's good enough for me.

101 Weekends in Europe written by Robin Barton and published by New Holland
Published September 2008. Paperback @ £16.99

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