Thursday, 10 January 2008

Friday's F*ck It Feature

The definition of ‘f*cking it’, when it comes to travel, varies in shades of frivolity. Depending on the season or what the year on Earth holds, and influenced by available funds or – more likely – available credit limits, f*cking it can be a flight, a train, a ten hour drive to the other end of the country or legging it at the last minute down a jetty for a ferry journey you never planned to make. It's definitely a deposit, drunkenly placed, for a trek to Everest Base Camp when surfing the net with friends.

The Friday F*ck It feature feeds upon the flesh of frivolity. It sows the seeds of spontaneous booking behaviour. Admit it. If you’re already a travel addict there’s no need to convince you to spend whatever cash you have (or don’t have) on worldly experiences rather than nurturing a nest egg or even budgeting for next month’s bills. Jaunt to the other side of the world on whimsy or sensibly stay at home? I know the answer. So, I feel no guilt in offering ideas and justifications... you’d only find them somewhere else anyway. Read more!