Monday, 7 January 2008

Destinations, Earls Court 31Jan - 3 Feb

January makes me shiver with every flight I should have booked by now and every plan I wish I was wrapped up inside, warm and excitable. The cash point isn't anyone's friend this month but try to raise the cost of return travel Earls Court from it and also the ticket price to Destinations: The Times Holiday & Travel Fair 2008.

Tickets £8 in advance, £10 on the door.

It's not as thrilling as trekking in Bhutan but a day or two spent collecting ideas at Destinations is probably as good as January is going to get ...until travel plans become bookings, become guidebook reading, become packing and life begins again.

Highlights are always the Wanderlust Travel Photography exhibition and the expert talks that take place in dark pseudo-secret, oversubscribed theatres tucked away at the back of the exhibition centre. Start queuing early if you're a fan of celebrity travellers and them talking.

This year, I'm looking forward to seeing,
North Korea Unveiled. Thursday 31st Jan @ 11am
Mongolia - Land of the Blue Sky. Friday 1st Feb @ 4pm
The Art of Travel Writing with Jane Knight of Times Travel Magazine. Sat 23nd @ 1pm

Travel luminaries on display in the theatres include David Skukman (BBC News); Lyn Hughes (Wanderlust); Hilary Bradt; leaf-tailed geckos; Big Cats and Big Bears; the Trans-Siberian Railway and more.

... then visit in for real. I guarantee you'll be inspired by something, someone and definitely somewhere. Read more!