Thursday, 15 May 2008

Indiana Jones inspires National Geographic Travel - Indy essay & photo contest

rope bridge ©

Guys of a certain age grew up - swinging from trees and dreaming of cursed artifacts - wanting to be him, while girlie girls wanted to be saved from the teeth of a salivating cannibal by him. The tomboys were off rope swinging too and wondered if they, in travelling escapades to come, would munch eyeball soup if an indigious people in a land far away expected it.

This summer, Indy's back and to get you in the mood comes a contest from National Geographic Travel blog.

Grab a dagger, jeep or flaming torch, evoke the spirit of Petra whilst mentally crossing a gorge pursued by arrows, or perhaps dive through the vaults of a Venetian chapel ... then, when things calm down just a little, start writing.

National Geographic's blog Intelligent Travel is awarding winners with Indiana Jones DVD box sets. Admit it. When real life travelling adventure is off the agenda, Indy on the sofa is the nest best thing.

Writers: Get creative, in 300 words or less, about your proudest Indiana Jones travelling moment. Think of a time when the adrenaline really kicked in ... the croc nearly took your arm off...or you fell out of the whitewater raft and no one noticed you'd gone ... or you were forced to drink the blood of 16 snakes to save yourself from much worse.

: In the spirit of their Global Eye series, Intelligent Travel wants the back story to your most adventurous travel images. Riding your horse backwards and bare back across Mongolia at sunset, at speed of course, to capture the moment you truly appreciated the word 'vast.' Send your photo along with the memories behind it.

Send entries to with "Contest" in the subject line. They'll feature the winners next week.

Can't wait for the film's release! Read more!