Friday, 18 January 2008

Work in a hanger of despair? F*ck It with Wanderlust JobShop

Just spent another soul-sapping day in an open plan hanger office devoid of humanity; trudged across a pitch black tarmaced carpark through puddles, too exhausted to head to the pub? Are you sitting there right now, surfing and pulling your hair into stressed/anxiety fuelled/ tedium- tired tendrals?

ummmm. Empathy resides here at SandWagon. Action, however, flits and flirts on the freedom breeze at Wanderlust magazine's website. Travel to their JobShop, wake up and have a seriously good think about why you're not going to F*ck It and apply for a job overseas...tonight.

Spontaneous F*cking It is one thing - blowing any savings you have on a plane ticket and a whim, or sticking them on the plastic with a vision of becoming a working nomad to pay it all back. But Wanderlust JobShop....this gives you watertight excuses for buggering off and reclaiming your time, your percentage of the world's fresh air; your sanity. If you've worked in a hanger of despair for even one pitiful week you're due your time in the F*ck It pre-flight lounge.

Two career options:

Intrepid Travel is now recruiting group leaders to join their teams in Europe, Russia and Indochina. If you think you have what it takes to be a fantastic Group Leader and want to share your love of travel then...
F*ck It. Click here to apply

Greenforce Expedition leader - Ecuador
An amazing opportunity to lead groups of volunteers to Quito, Banos, the Amazon, Andaluz (coastal Ecuador) and work on Red Cross school projects. Other activities, projects and locations include Ice climbing, scuba diving, TEFL placements, Galapagos islands and more.
F*ck It. Click here to apply

Salary: visual, physical and mental stimulation. Location: the outside world.

Wanderlust Jobshop
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