Wednesday, 9 April 2008 - the best blogs right before your eyes

A while back on SandWagon, I was singing the praises of netvibes: a feedburner that displays all of the posts from travel blogs, the second that their authors hit PUBLISH. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that by keeping me up to speed with latest news across a myriad blogs (my daily doses range from the broadsheets online to the British Antarctic Survey's 'Penguin of the Day' posts) netvibes completely changed my professional life. I just added the URLs of my trusted blogs or news feeds, and the headlines magically appeared on my homepage. No more sieving sites for gems, no more did I rely on 'feelings' about the next emerging destination, and no longer was I oblivious to Ryanair's latest landing strip, in yet another corner of another foreign field.

But just as I thought netvibes made life in the travel media as easy as it could get, there came along a bunch of people from They've only gone and collected the top (in their opinion) travel blogs for you on one easy to view page (RSS feeds already set up and running). Bloody brill: a ready-made travel trends analysis tool at the click of an URL.

Enjoy! Click here for alltops ....

As a quick aside...I'm also very happy to say that the SandWagon has made it onto the top 60 sites that inform the page!


enquiries said...

I also think Alltop is a great way to find all the recent posts for an array of travel blogs. I've written a post called "Does Alltop sound the death knell for blog subscription of an end to being b(l)ogged down. (You can see why I've used a tiny url:)

I think it's time someone made it easier to access a lot of blogs easily from one website. The real techies don't seem to be dead keen, although I run a travel website and write for 2 travel blogs I'm not a techie person. I think that there are still a lot of readers out there who don't understand RSS and/or don't want to sign up to receive all the feeds so Alltop offers a simple alternative.

I'm also biased as both my blogs are listed there.

A site filled with travel stimuli said...

Hi there
Thanks for the comment. It's good to hear agreement on this one and that others have had positive experiences with RSS. They're amazing time-savers!

Alltops is a great idea, well-stocked with the best blogs around. Which ones are yours?